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Borsehung GmbH is a proffesional supplier of spare parts for vehicle of Volkswagen Group. All products generated and sold under the Borsehung brand are OE products and currently we service the key wholesalers.

The Borsehung parts are delivered based on the quality of OE product and we never change this value.  Thanks to a large investment in product control and management of entire product chain, the Borsehung brand Has the highest quality on the aftermarket. Currently, products generated and sold under the Borsehung brand mostly involve of  engine system, air conditioning system, suspension system, steering system, braking circuit system and electrical system. The brand is prepared to serve secondary markets, focusing on the Volkswagen Group.


All Borsehung GmbH employees perceive the principle of providing customers the high quality products, which go beyond their expectations. It is the most important and valuable experience, which Borsehung GmbH offers to its customers.

Borsehung GmbH guarantees always the original products quality. It applies strict control standards.

Before the products are  delivered to the customers, general tests are carried out, to ensure that only the ideal products can leave our warehouse.

The supervision are carried out with every angle from the inspections of commodity to the regular inspection of newly arrived products and periodic inspection of all products samples in the warehouse, to achieve the most reliable quality before delivery. The strict standards and continuous tests guarantee the highest quality of product. As a OE products supplier we offer not only an original products but also proudly offer our customers a four-year quality guarantee.